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Monotype Workshop at Anderson Ranch

The ranch kindly rescheduled the cancelled 2020 class, for June 2021. Please see details below:

Jun 7 - 11, 2021


Explore the possibilities of monotype printmaking processes and the mediums‘ potential combined with drypoint and collagraph. Monotype yields a series of unique fine art prints on paper, the fluid process offering an immediacy of expression with its dynamic surface reworking. Painterly techniques such as additive and subtractive drawing methods, masks, stencils, and collage are introduced alongside the printmaking techniques of drypoint and collagraph to create sculptural matrices that may be printed using a variety of inking methods to suit an artist’s ever-evolving vision.

Anderson Ranch workshop update:

Here is a small selection of prints made by the ultra talented students in the workshop. This beautiful group of people were delightful to work alongside. Since this was the first week of classes since the pandemic everyone brought really good energy, we couldn't ask for a more beautiful place to make art!

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